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Maximus : [removes helmet and turns around to face Commodus] My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife Maximus Decimus Meridius was a high ranking Roman general in command of multiple Roman legions who served under the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in his Twelve Year Campaign against the barbarians in Germania. He later served as a Gladiator in the arena after he escaped Commodus. He eventually killed Commodus, but died shortly after. He was played by Russell Crowe in the 2000 film Gladiator Commodus' Sehnsucht nach Anerkennung durch das römische Volk, die erotische Liebe zu seiner Schwester und der wache sechste Sinn einer psychopathischen Machtgier treiben ihn an. Doch Berater raten ihm, Maximus nicht in der Arena töten zu lassen, damit dieser nicht zum Volkshelden wird Commodus származása és ifjúkora. Marcus Aurelius és Faustina Minor gyermeke, édesanyja által Antoninus Pius unokája volt. Ikertestvére, Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus ötévesen, öccse, a 162-ben született Marcus Annius Verus pedig 169-ben hunyt el.A császári pár 13 gyermeke közül így Commodus volt az egyetlen fiú, aki túlélte atyját Maximus planned to march on Rome at the head of 5,000 troops, but Commodus ruined the plan by arresting Gracchus, poisoning Senator Gaius, and assaulting Proximo's estate. Maximus and the gladiators defended the estate with their lives, fending off the Praetorians as Maximus attempted ride to Ostia

Lucius Aurelius Commodus (efter år 180 Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus), född 31 augusti 161 i Lanuvium, död 31 december 192 i Rom (mördad), var romersk kejsare från 17 mars 180 (medregent till Marcus Aurelius från 177). Han var son till Marcus Aurelius och Faustina den yngre. [ Commodus, Roman emperor from 177 to 192 (sole emperor after 180). His brutal misrule precipitated civil strife that ended 84 years of stability and prosperity within the empire. He was also known for imagining that he was the god Hercules, entering the arena to fight as a gladiator or to kill lions with bow and arrow

Marble Sculpture, Bust of Emperor Commodus, (Ca. 180 - 185 CE), The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program. Commodus, in reality, was not murdered in the arena by Maximus. He was however murdered by a wrestler. So the character Maximus, whil e fictitious, is not that far-fetched. He. We all noticed Commodus's love for gladiators: in the movie, he doesn't hesitate to challenge Maximus in the arena. Actually, Commodus fought in the Colosseum quite often: of course, he always won - also because no one wanted to make the emperor angry . Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) and Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris Maximus, a hatalmas római generális (Russell Crowe) a nép kedvence, és az idős uralkodó, Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) bizalmát is élvezi. Az összeesküvés áldozataként haldokló Marcus Aurelius őt teszi meg örökösévé hataloméhes fia, Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) ellenében. Commodus átveszi mégis a hatalmat, és halálra ítéli Maximust: ő megmenekül, a Hispániában. Emperor Commodus/Maximus Decimus Meridius; Emperor Commodus; Maximus Decimus Meridius; Emperor Marcus Aurelius; Maximus has burn-out; Commodus is a patricidal sweetheart and needs a hug; Maximus and Commodus get together after the battle in the beginning; dialogues; Commodus actually gets a chance; set at the beginning of the movie; still at cam Commodus (Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus, 31 August 161 - 31 December 192) was Roman Emperor from 180 to 192. He also ruled as co-emperor with his father Marcus Aurelius from 177 until his father's death in 180.. His accession as emperor was the first time a son had succeeded his father since Titus succeeded Vespasian in 79. Commodus was the first emperor born to the purple, that is.

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COMMODUS Kimdir? Eğer eski kaynaklar doğruysa Commodus gerçek hayatında filmde olduğundan daha garip biri. Commodus (Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus) 5 yaşında Sezar, 17 yaşında 2. Hükümdar ünvanlarını aldı (MS 177). Commodus zamanındaki tarihçiler ona karşı kibar değillerdi All rights of the content belong to copyright owners Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus (latină: MARCVS AVRELIVS COMMODVS ANTONINVS AVGVSTVS) (n.31 august 161 - d. 31 decembrie 192) a fost împărat roman din 180 până în 192.. Fiu al lui Marcus Aurelius și al Faustinei, născut la Roma (primul moștenitor al tronului născut în purpură adică în timpul domniei tatălui său), Commodus este ridicat la rang de caesar în 166 iar la. Commodus was 31 years old and had ruled almost 13 years. With Commodus died the Antonine dynasty, as minimal provisions had been made for the succession. Since Nerva, the Antonines had presided over unprecedented stability and prosperity. But the good years were over, and the shadow of civil war once more loomed over the realm.. Marcus Aurelius Commodus is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the 2000 Oscar winner historic action film Gladiator. The general Maximus, weary of battle, decides to retire at his Spanish farm estate at the Emperor's behest, but the Emperor tells him that Commodus is unfit to rule and thus appoints him as regent to help save Rome from corruption. When Marcus Aurelius tells.

Maximus egy küzdelem után felfedi a császár előtt kilétét. Később halálos, egyenlőtlen párviadalt vívnak egymással, amiben Commodus elbukik, Maximus pedig belehal a sérüléseibe, és így látja viszont családját: a túlvilágon. A film valamennyi központi szereplője nagyon erős karakter Maximus is a Roman General that has led his soldiers into victory. The emperor wants Maximus to take over his position instead of his own son, Commodus. This doesn't go over well when Commodus hears this. He kills his father and eventually the wife and son of Maximus, who ends up being sold as a slave and trained as a Gladiator Auch wenn der historische Commodus sich gelegentlich als Gladiator versuchte: er starb nicht in der Arena, sondern im Bad, wo er von dem Ringer Narcissus erwürgt wurde. 8.) Der Name Maximus Decimus Meridius sollte vorrangig gut klingen und war von der römischen Namensgebung her kompletter Unsinn

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Commodus is the main antagonist in the 2000 film, Gladiator. He was portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. The only male son of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor. He lived in the shadow of his father, hoping one day to become the Emperor, but all his dreams were crushed after knowing that his own father would choose Maximus instead of him the film were carried out by Russell Crowe as Maximus and Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus(Imdb). The movie takes place during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire in the year 180 A.D. The Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, is dying and wishes to leave the Roman Empire under the control of Roman General Maximus Meridius Commodus (August 31, 161-December 31, 192 CE) was the emperor of Rome between 180-192 CE. As the son of emperor Marcus Aurelius, Commodus was the first Roman emperor to have been born in the purple, and thus dynastically selected to be his successor.He was also a dangerously deranged man who forced the Senate to name him a demi-god and eventually assassinate him

Emperor Commodus, though, is the exception to the rule. When the creators of the movie Gladiator cast him as their villain, they actually had to tone the facts down a little. Because the things the real Emperor Commodus did were so completely insane that nobody would have believed them Commodus ble født i 161 i Lanuvium, rundt 32 km sørøst for Roma. Han var sønn av den regjerende keiseren, Marcus Aurelius, og Aurelius' kusine, Faustina den yngre, som var den yngste datteren til Aurelius' forgjenger, keiser Antoninus Pius.Commodus hadde en eldre tvillingbror, Titus Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus, men han døde i 165. Den 12. oktober 166 ble Commodus fem år gammel gjort til. Maximus v. Commodus: A look at leadership in Gladiator Leadership, or the lack there of, has been a trending theme for the past several years within Washington, Wall Street, and even Main Street. Forbes, the WSJ, and academic journals have stressed a current void of leadership in America and the need for new leaders to step up to the plate

[SW] Maximus and Commodus selling turnips for 198. Finished. It's not that high but it's something right? Maybe? Perhaps? Nooks is right next to resident services straight ahead and to the right.I'm the one with the spider web umbrella :)) No wetsuits pls and exit through the airport. Tips appreciated :) it's raining on the island so. Commodus then strangles his father, makes himself emperor anyway, and tries to have Maximus murdered, setting up the plot for the rest of the film. There's also a Netflix docuseries about Commodus called Roman Empire: Reign of Blood (2016) , which approaches the subject from a slightly more historical perspective Unlike Maximus, Commodus is a toxic leader someone who seeks to glorify himself instead of exalting the people. In his mind, the people exist for him rather than him existing for the people. Commodus says his greatest virtue is ambition manifest in his desire to be Caesar Commodus was born on 31 August AD 161, as Commodus, in Lanuvium, near Rome. He was the son of the reigning emperor, Marcus Aurelius, and Aurelius' first cousin, Faustina the Younger. Commodus had an elder twin brother, Titus Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus, who died in 165

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Commodus được sinh ra như là Lucius Aurelius Commodus,tại Lanuvium, gần Roma, con trai của hoàng đế đương nhiệm Marcus Aurelius. Ông đã có một anh trai sinh đôi, Titus Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus, người đã qua đời năm 165.Ngày 12 tháng 10 năm 166, Commodus được tôn làm Caesar cùng với em út của. Commodus (31 August 161-31 December 192) was the Emperor of the Roman Empire from 180 to 192, succeeding Marcus Aurelius and preceding Pertinax. Biography . Commodus in 180 AD. Commodus was born on 31 August 161, the son of Marcus Aurelius.He was a member of the pagan Roman House of Aurelius.Commodus was ambitious, brave (although not on the battlefield), and loyal to his family Maximus, generaal en vertrouweling van Marcus Aurelius Russell Crowe speelt generaal Maximus Decimus Meridius. De Romeinse keizer Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) wil hem uit de weg ruimen omdat Maximus begrijpt dat Commodus zijn vader de geliefde keizer Marcus Aurelius heeft vermoord. Maximus ontsnapt aan de moordaanslag Commodus was Roman emperor from 180 to 192 CE. With the death of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in March of 180 CE, the long reign of the five good emperors came to an end and with it so did the Pax Romana (the Roman Peace). Those emperors who followed for the next century would witness a time of both chaos and decline. The first of these inept emperors was Commodus, the son of Marcus Aurelius.

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  1. Commodus wil echter zeker zijn dat Maximus dit gevecht niet overleeft en heeft een onaangename verrassing in petto: Maximus moet tegen Tigris vechten, te midden van vier woeste tijgers. Als Maximus Tigris toch weet te verslaan en Commodus hem beveelt om de genadeslag toe te dienen, weigert Maximus en laat hij de gladiator in leven
  2. Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe, Gladiator is the story of Maximus Decimus Meridius, a loyal general who is betrayed when Commodus, the ambitious son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, murders his father and usurps the throne
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  4. Commode (latin : Imperator Caesar Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Augustus Pius Felix Sarmaticus Germanicus Maximus Britannicus) (31 août 161 - 31 décembre 192) est un empereur romain qui régna de 180 à 192. À l'instar de Caligula, Néron et Domitien, son image est celle d'un empereur cruel et sanguinaire.Sa mort ouvrit une période de crise connue sous le nom de deuxième année des.
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Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus (31. august 161 - 31. december 192) var en romersk kejser i årene 180 - 192.. Han var eneste søn af Marcus Aurelius og den første romerske kejsersøn, der var født i hundrede år. I 177 udnævntes han til tronfølger og medregent og arvede hans trone, hvorved adoptionsprincippet blev brudt.. Commodus' regering blev et katastrofalt tilbagefald til. Commodus (/ ˈ k ɒ m ə d ə s /; Caesar Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Augustus; 31 August 161 - 31 December 192) was Roman emperor with his father Marcus Aureliu Gladiator was a film released in 2000 starring Russell Crowe that focused on General Maximus Decimus Meridius, who was enslaved after escaping his execution for not supporting the new Roman emperor Commodus (starring Joaquin Phoenix). Maximus rises as a well-skilled gladiator, eventually making it to Rome where he participates in the gladiator games sponsored by Commodus MAXIMUS. Mi ez, Hilár és Commodus egy? CONDIANUS. Beteljesült, amitől remegtem én. PERTINAX (a szenátus nevében) Köszöntlek ím a szenátus és Róma nevében, Commodus! Még gyászban áll a Septicolis, atyja halála miatt. De te letörleni jöttél szemiből keserve könnyeit. Te jövél nékünk vigasztalóként, meggyógyítni a.


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The character of Maximus. The hero of the film, killer of the evil Commodus and champion of the people never existed. His character is perhaps inspired by several historical figures, including Taruttienus Paternus, the commander of Roman forces at the great battle against the Germanic tribes in 179 AD; Narcissus, the wrestler who actually. Maximus knew that as well, fulfilling the third requirement that is the realization of his downfall was due to his fatal flaw. In the movie, Maximus is told by Marcus that he wished Maximus was his son instead of Commodus. Marcus wanted Maximus to be the new Caesar of the people after he passes away Maximus did not desire the throne and was no genuine threat to Commodus' reign until Commodus hit the Berserk Button by murdering Maximus' family. I Just Want to Be Loved : He craved the paternal love and approval that his father only gave to Maximus, and the sex and intimacy that his sister only gave to Maximus Commodus: Which wiser, older man is to take my place? Marcus Aurelius: My powers will pass to Maximus, to hold in trust until the Senate is ready to rule once more. Rome is to be a republic again. Commodus: Maximus? Marcus Aurelius: Yes. [Marcus moves his hand to touch Commodus' face and Commodus turns away] My decision disappoints you What Commodus really loved, was gladiators. Commodus had a terrible administration but was able to keep the population happy by throwing lavish games, including plenty of gladiatorial combat. Commodus fancied himself a mighty gladiator, and at times dressed up as Hercules, wielding a club and wearing a lion skin. Commodus dressed as Hercule

Commodus tried his entire life to gain his fathers love and embrace. The betrayal of Aurelius giving Maximus the title of Emperor was the final straw. As Aurelius lay dying his last words atested to their detrimental relationship. He said to Commodus, Your faults as a son is my failure as a father Maximus: To my son, I tell him I will see him again soon. To keep his heels down while riding his horse. To my wife - that is not your business. [They laugh] Note : Djimon Hounsou as Juba and Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius. Dialogue: Commodus: The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator Kommodus (Lucius Aurelius Commodus, Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus; ur. 31 sierpnia 161, zm. 31 grudnia 192) - cesarz rzymski. Syn Marka Aureliusza i Faustyny (miał brata bliźniaka - Aureliusza Antonina zmarłego w wieku 4 lat). Mąż Bruttii Crispin

Maximus turned to Commodus and awaited his decision to kill or spare Tigris. Commodus approved for Maximus to kill Tigris, but Maximus spared Tigris, therefore insulting the Emperor and gaining the audience approval. The audience chanted and cheered Maximus, and bestowing him with the title Maximus the Merciful.. 7 thoughts on 5 Things Gladiator Got Wrong About Emperor Commodus Joe the Revelator says: June 14, 2015 at 9:42 am Reblogged this on Stat Bonus. Reply. myevolutiontomeaning says: June 5, 2017 at 5:08 pm Not really. Reply. Eric says: February 3, 2018 at 8:37 p

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  1. Maximus and Lucilla are better children to Marcus Aurelius than Commodus, and he loves them more. COMMODUS: Even then it was as if you didn't want me for your son. We get the idea that part of the reason Commodus is so screwed up and so obsessed with being the center of attention is because he has felt unloved by his father
  2. Commodus (31 August 161 - 31 December 192), born Lucius Aurelius Commodus and died Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus, was Roman Emperor from AD 180 to 192. He also ruled as co-emperor with his father Marcus Aurelius from 177 until his father's death in 180.. His accession as emperor was the first time a son had succeeded his biological father since Titus succeeded Vespasian in 79
  3. 10. Daddy's Little Boy. For the first years of his life, Commodus showed little sign of the rage and cruelty that would mark his later rule, and it wasn't long before Marcus Aurelius thought his favorite boy was ready for the big leagues.As a result, when Commodus was just 15 years old, Aurelius promoted his son to co-ruler of the empire
  4. Marcus Aurelius Commodus, also known as Emperor Commodus or simply Commodus, is the primary antagonist of the 2000 Oscar winner historic action film Gladiator.. The only male son of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor. He lived in the shadow of his father, hoping one day to become the Emperor, but all his dreams were crushed after knowing that his own father would choose Maximus instead of him
  5. Would the ending of Gladiator have been such an emotional knockout if Maximus beat Commodus and lived to tell the tale? Zack Sharf. Apr 22, 2020 10:17 am @zsharf. Share This Articl

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Commodus (keisarina 180-192 jaa.) Koko nimi : Lucius Aurelius Commodus. Syntyi 31. elokuuta 161 jaa. Commodus murhattiin 31. joulukuuta 192 jaa. Filosofikeisari Marcus Aurelius nimitti poikansa Commoduksen seuraajakseen, mutta valinta osoittautui erittäin epäonnistuneeksi Commodus (Marcus Aurelius Comodus Antonius Augustus; 31 Agustus 161 M - 31 Desember 192 M) adalah seorang Penguasa Roma sejak 180 M hingga 192 M. Dia juga menjadi wakil penguasa dengan ayahnya (Marcus Aurelius) pada 177 M hingga kematian ayahnya pada 180 M. . Commodus mati dibunuh pada tahun 192 M Enraged, Commodus grabs a hidden dagger, only for Maximus to turn the blade into Commodus' throat, killing him and avenging his loved ones. Maximus shortly succumbs from his wound, to which his body is lifted by the crowd to be given a proper gladiator burial. All while Commodus is left to rot in the Colosseum. Mitigating Factor Commodus syntyi 31. heinäkuuta 161 nimellä Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus silloisen Rooman keisarin Marcus Aureliuksen pojaksi Lanuviumin kaupungissa, Rooman valtakunnassa. Hänellä oli myös vuonna 165 kuollut vanhempi kaksoisveli Titus Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus sekä vuonna 162 syntynyt pikkuveli Marcus Annius Verus, joka menehtyi vuonna 169.Koska Commoduksen molemmat veljet kuolivat jo.

For 80 years the Emperor had had no sons. Thus, it was easy to go to a better method which was choosing the best man. Thus, Nerva chose Trajan. Trajan chose Hadrian. Hadrian chose Antonius Pius and then Marcus Aurelius. Unfortunately, Marcus Aurel.. ~ Commodus plans about Maximus. Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, or just Commodus for short, is the main antagonist of the 2000 historic action film Gladiator. The son of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Commodus wants to be seen as the most powerful Roman emperor of all time so he would be worshiped as a god

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Marcus Aurelius Commodus, also known as Emperor Commodus or simply Commodus, is the primary antagonist of the 2000 Oscar winner historic action film Gladiator. The only male son of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor. He lived in the shadow of his father, hoping one day to become the Emperor, but all his dreams were crushed after knowing that his own father would choose Maximus instead of him The film's gruff general-slave-gladiator, Maximus (Russell Crowe), kills Commodus in the Colosseum, thus avenging the murder of his wife and son, liberating his ex-lover Lucilla (Connie Nielson. Maximus grunted as he lowered himself onto the other man and forcefully turned him facedown. For the first time Maximus took Commodus' phallus and balls into his hand from underneath. He jerked a few times roughly, then wandered back up again along Commodus' cleft, making sure a finger lingered at the twitching opening. He leant down Maximus: My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son.

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After Maximus, Commodus and the guards are lifted up into the arena; the guards form a circle that cuts across the outline of the closed trapdoor. When Quintus steps up orders the guards the sheath their sword's the outline of the trapdoor is now far away from the outside of the circle even though none guards have moved Commodus hopes to inherit the entire empire, but his father might have someone else in mind, namely the heroic General Maximus Decimus Meridius. Commodus will take matters into his own hands, if he must, and claim the empire as his own. Personality jealous, dishonorable, and domestic. Despite his aversion to the battlefield, Commodus argues.

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When Maximus reveals himself to Commodus he makes a big scene of it: My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next Commodo, figlio del regnante imperatore Marco Aurelio, nacque come Lucio Elio Aurelio Commodo a Lanuvio, l'antica Lanuvium vicino a Roma.Aveva un fratello gemello, Tito Aurelio Fulvio Antonino, morto nel 165.Il 12 ottobre 166, Commodo fu nominato Cesare insieme al fratello minore, Marco Annio Vero Cesare; quest'ultimo morì nel 169, perciò l'unico figlio superstite rimase Lucio Aurelio Commodo Smile for me now, brother Chiapp !!!! I have read or watched somewhere that the dagger used by Commodus is laced with poison. The poison will not kill Maximus instantly, but it will buy Commodus just enough time to 'kill' Maximus in the battle.. Commodus V. Maximus Maximus succumbs to the stab wound asking with his last words that reforms be made, his gladiator friends freed, and that Senator Gracchus be reinstated. As he dies, he has a vision of walking through a gate into a field of grain and of being finally reunite

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The movie gladiator revolves around the life of Maximus Decimus Meridius. Maximus was the greatest Roman General in the Roman Empire. Marcus Aurelius was the emperor of Rome and near his death he told Maximus that he wanted the power to be shifted back to the senate, and not to his son, Commodus Maximus määrää Proximon gladiaattorit vapautettaviksi ja palauttaa senaattori Gracchuksen virkaan ja ohjeistaa tätä perustamaan Rooman senaatin uudestaan. Maximus kaatuu ja Lucilla juoksee hänen avukseen. Vakuutettuaan, että Lucillan poika on turvassa ja Commodus kuollut, Maximus kuolee ja kulkee tuonpuoleisessa perheensä luokse He faced down savage beasts, including elephants. It's far from clear that Crowe's Maximus could have racked up a tally even close to the emperor's or that Commodus would have been afraid of a fair fight with Maximus. Contrary to the film, the real Commodus didn't die in a swordfight with Maximus or anybody else Commodus is the main antagonist in the 2000 film, Gladiator. He was portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. The only male son of Marcus Aurelius.He lived in the shadow of his father,hoping one day to become the Emperor,but all his dreams were crushed after knowing that his own father would choose Maximus instead of him Commodus betrays Maximus and annexes the throne. The plot of this movie showcases the rise of Maximus after being reduced to slavery when his family is slaughtered, to him becoming a gladiator after successfully evading execution, to the confrontation with Commodus. There are many inspirational quotes in this movie

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I subscribe to believeing that it was Cicero. I would think that he appoligises for failing Maximus but the time from the busy bee told me everything to Maximus' capture was almost immediate in the movie and the capture seemed to be too well orchestrated. I tend to belive that it was all arranged by the Senator who worked with Commodus After Commodus's failed attempt at killing Maximus, he sends soldiers to crucify his wife and son. This leaves Maximus alone and devastated. Another example that many viewers might not realize as falling into this category is the relationship between Maximus and Marcus Aurelius Commodus (Imperator Caesar Divi Marcus Antonini Pii Divi Antonini Pii Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus; sünninimi Lucius Aurelius Commodus; 31. august 161 - 31. detsember 192 oli Vana-Rooma keiser 17. märts 180 kuni surmani.. Mõrvati. Omandatud tiitlid: Germanicus (172), Sarmaticus (175), Germanicus maximus (182), Britannicus (184 The climax of the film sees Maximus taking on the new, corrupt Emperor Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) in a duel. Despite being stabbed before the fight, Maximus wins, killing Commodus before succumbing to his own wounds. The movie was a massive success at the box office, and won five academy awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Crowe Maximus is ready to return to the arena once more, as Funko has revealed a new wave of Gladiator Pop! figures. According to Funko, the series will consist of three variants of Maximus, as well as a figure based on Joaquin Phoenix's Commodus

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Commodus 180 Death of Marcus Aurelius; peace with the Dacians, Quadi, Iazyges, and Vandals. Perennis made praetorian prefect; return to Rome; 181 Consul III (with Lucius Antistus Burrus) 181 Conspiracy of Lucilla; 182 Commodus accepts the title Germanicus Maximus; 183 Consul IV (with Gaius Aufidius Victorinus) 184 Accepts the title Britannicus. Si Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus (Agosto 31, 161 - Disyembre 31, 192) ay ang emperador ng Roma mula was 180 hanggang 192.Siya ay anak ni Marcus Aurelius.Siya'y isang naging malupit na pinuno at dahil dito, sa kanyang pamamahala nagtapos ang Pax Romana o Kapayapaang Romano Evil Personified. If Gladiator were Star Wars, Commodus would be the Emperor.If Gladiator took place in the Potterverse, Commodus would be Voldemort.If Gladiator took place in Westeros, Commodus would bewell, actually, there are too many evil people in Westeros to count.. In short: this dude is evil, malicious, and flat-out bad. First, he kills his own father. Then, once Maximus starts. My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius,. Commander of the Armies of the North,. General of the Felix Legions,. Loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius

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